Get The Facts.

Don’t be misled about where the natural gas will be used.

FACT: The NEXUS pipeline stands to benefit all customers along the route.

FACT: NEXUS is designed to directly serve consuming markets in northern Ohio and southeastern Michigan.

FACT: As of March 2016, NEXUS had signed 13 connection agreements with various Ohio markets along the proposed route. These connections include local distribution companies, industrial parks and power plants in your community.

Don’t be misled about the significant benefits to the community.

FACT: The NEXUS project will have a significant positive economic impact on communities, businesses and workers throughout Ohio and Michigan.

FACT: In its first year in operation in Ohio, NEXUS would generate an estimated $83 million in tax revenue, of which approximately $57 million would go directly to local Ohio school districts.*

FACT: Additional tax revenue will allow counties to make important investments in schools, roads, public safety and other key priorities of local government.

Don’t be misled about the effect on property values.

FACT: There is no evidence – even with more than 300,000 existing miles of pipelines in the U.S. – that natural gas pipelines negatively affect home loans, property values or insurance costs.

FACT: A recent study has shown that the presence of pipelines does not affect the value of a property, its insurability, its desirability or the ability to obtain a mortgage.

FACT: The Federal Energy Regulatory Commission (FERC) has researched this issue in-depth and reported the results in an Environmental Impact Statement (FERC Docket CP11-56-000, FEIS, pages 4-181, 4-183) and determined there are no pipeline-related impacts on property values, home loans or insurance costs.

Don’t be misled about the minimal noise associated with compressor stations.

FACT: Federal guidelines prescribe that the noise from compressor station operations at the nearest noise sensitivity area (NSA) cannot exceed 55 decibels (dBA). By way of illustration, a dishwasher operates at approximately 50 decibels.

FACT: NEXUS will employ noise mitigation measures as necessary to demonstrate compliance with the federal guidelines.

FACT: Noise surveys will be conducted to verify that federal noise levels are not exceeded.


* Source: Public Finance Resources, Inc. Estimated Ohio Property Tax Revenue for NEXUS Gas Transmission Pipeline, June 2016



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